Advantages and disadvantages of organic farming

 K Tapailaai Advantage and Disadvantages Of Organic farming Ko Barama Janna Chahanuhunchha. Yadi Teso Ho Vane, Tapai Sahi Ra Thik Thauma Aaunu Vayako Chha. Tala diaya Advantage And Disadvantage Read Garna saknu Hunechha.
Advantages and disadvantages of organic farming | Krishi Loksewa

Advantages and disadvantages of organic farming

Hamile Tapaiko Loksewa Tayari Garna Sajiho Ko Laagi Yas Sitema Loksewa Question Haru Provide Garnuka Sathai Organic Garming Ka Advantage & Disadvantage Haru Dinchhau.

Benefits of Organic Farming

  • Organic farming is cheaper than other techniques.
  • Organic farming reduces soil erosion and also increases soil fertility.
  • Organic farming generally reduces erosion by 40% compared to other methods.
  • Organic farming helps to balance the acidity and alkalinity of the soil
  • Since no carbon dioxide is used in the environment, it also helps to conserve biodiversity
  • Organic farming reduces costs and energy by 50% more than other methods.
  • Local resources are used appropriately.
  • Organic farming usually requires more manpower, so there are more job opportunities.Organic farming produces high quality non-toxic crops.
  • Organic farming is environmentally friendly.

Disadvantages of organic farming

  • U.N. According to a 2008 study by the Environment Program, organic farming yields less than normal farming.
  • According to Norwegian Borlaug, a scientist who brought about the modern green revolution, organic farming has provided an opportunity for a small number of people to consume and has reduced the environment due to the need to increase the area covered by crops to increase organic production.
  • According to a study by the Danish Environmental Protection Agency on potatoes, grass and beets, the crops produced on organic farms produced 50% less than those grown on other land
  • Although organic farming has contributed to some carbon dioxide emissions, it has not been very helpful in changing the global climate.
  • In 1298, a Danish organization reported that consuming organic crops increased the risk of contracting E. coli.

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