Farmers Call Center Kisan Call Center – Krishi Loksewa

Farmers Call Center Kisan Call Center

Farmers Call Center Kisan Call Center - Krishi Loksewa

In the current state of agriculture, where only about 15% of the peasantry has access to public agricultural broadcasting, it is essential to increase agricultural productivity and productivity to improve the livelihood of agricultural farmers and to improve the livelihoods of almost two thirds of the peasants. Food security is a matter of national and international concern as well as the promotion of traditional agricultural systems information technology and science-based business, and the use of modern media, as food security is the sovereign right of the people. According to the advice of the subject matter expert, the purpose of solving various diseases and problems related to the operation of agricultural business and agricultural crops etc. Y The Farmer Call Center was established and operated on 2072/073.


1) Farmers and agribusinesses will solve the problems of crop, livestock and business problems through telephone contact as per the advice of the subject specialist.

2) Establish a fair service delivery system to minimize the impact of geographical distress in the flow of information.


(1) To inform the farmers / agricultural entrepreneurs / agricultural practitioners / agricultural extension workers and other stakeholders about techniques for increasing agricultural production and productivity.

(2) To inform about the potential markets for agricultural produce.

(3) To inform about agriculture-based conservation and processing techniques.

(4) To bring the knowledge of the retired agricultural technician, university scientist and researcher to the farmer.

(5) To widen the agricultural dissemination services.

(6) To make necessary arrangements for collecting complaints from farmers.

Staff and expert management

1) One technical assistant, including a senior agricultural officer working in the agricultural service, and other support staff will be appointed by the Ministry of Agriculture Development for a fixed period to carry out the day-to-day administrative work of the Center. Arrangements will be made to put one person on technical notice related to information technology. Instead, additional staff will be added depending on the operating conditions and requirements of the center.

2) Under the Agricultural Service, the services of the retired or working professionals who have acquired expertise in various subjects will be consulted.

3) The Center will prepare a list of experts on various issues related to agriculture and will get services for the seniors as per the need.

Farmer Call Center Toll Free Number: 16600195000

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