Agriculture Dairy 2079 – Krishi Dairy

Agriculture Dairy is a book with such knowledge in which details of the entire agricultural sector of Nepal are given. It is very important. In which many things are kept.

Friends these days study a lot for government jobs. To prepare lok sewa it is necessary to know everything. Krishi Dairy provides facts about agriculture.

Agriculture Dairy 2079 – Krishi Dairy

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Krishi Dairy is a term that is commonly used in India to refer to dairy farming practices that are specifically geared towards small and marginal farmers. The term “Krishi” means agriculture or farming in Hindi, and thus Krishi Dairy refers to a type of dairy farming that is integrated with agriculture, with the aim of promoting sustainable livelihoods and improving the economic conditions of small farmers.

Krishi Dairy involves the use of indigenous breeds of cows and buffaloes, which are well-suited to the local climatic and environmental conditions. The focus is on producing milk for local consumption, rather than for export or industrial use. The cows and buffaloes are generally fed with locally available fodder and green forage, and the manure produced is used for fertilizing crops.

How to Download Krishi Dairy 2079

Krishi Dairy also involves the promotion of women’s participation in dairy farming, as women are often the primary caretakers of livestock in rural households. This is done through the provision of training, extension services, and credit facilities, as well as the establishment of women-led dairy cooperatives and self-help groups.

Overall, Krishi Dairy is seen as a promising approach for promoting sustainable and inclusive rural development in India, by creating income-generating opportunities for small farmers, improving food security, and promoting environmentally sustainable practices.

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