JTA Courses Subject List (Agriculture, Animal, Forestry) 2021

JTA Courses Subject List – (Plant Science, Animal Science, Forestry) Courses Subject. Here We Provide Subject List for Study.

In Nepali Language: Sathiharu Aaja Hamile JTA Study Garne Sathiharuko lagi Plant Science, Animal Science, Forestry ko Courses Subject list liyara Aayaka Chhau. Jun ko madatle tapailai sajilai thaha hunechha ki Yo Courses Ma Yi Subject Rahane Chhan.

JTA Courses Subsject List

JTA Courses Subject list ko lagi Yaha aaunu Vayako Chha. Hamile Tapaiko Easy ko lagi PJTA, VJTA, Forestry Provide Gareka Chhau. Baki tala diyaka Chhan Read Garnuhosa.
JTA in Agriculture (Plant science)
1.1 Agriculture extension and community development
1.2 Enterpreneurship development
1.3 Agronomical crops and crop seed production
1.4 Plant propagation and ornamental horticulture
1.5 Vegetable and vegetable seed production
1.6 Fruit and plantation crop production and post-harvest horticulture
1.7 Agriculture ecology and sustainable soil management
1.8 Plant protection, IPM and FFs
1.9 Apiculture, Sericulture, and Mushroom cultivation
1.10 Farm machinery, Structure and irrigation
JTA Animal Science
1. Animal Health
2. Cattle/bufflo and yak/chauri production
3. Sheep and goat production
4. Poultry production
5. Swine production
6. Animal Nutrition and fodder production
7. Dairy and dairy products
8. Entrepreneurship skills
9. Extension and community development
JTA in Forestry
1. Forestry extension
2. Entrepreneurship development
3. Silviculture
4. Wild life and protected area management
5. Community forestry
6. forest measurement and management
7. Non timber forest products (NTFPs)
8. Forest protection
9. Forest harvesting and utilization
10. Agro Forestry

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